Corporate Headquarters, Shanghai, China

With total 1,500 square-meter medicinal chemistry and kilo labs, we can accommodate various needs that include small group FTEs, library synthesis and custom synthesis up to 10 kg scale.

Lab SpaceInstrument / Equipment
Synthesis Labs: 300 m2, 15 fume hoodsVarian NMR (400 MHz)
Kilogram Labs: 100 m2,  2 walk-insAgilent HPLC   Agilent GC/MS
Analytical Labs: 300 m2Agilent LC/MS   Biotage flash prep
Additional Space: 200 m2Genevac Centrifuge Evaporators

Channelpharm R&D Site, Anhui, China

Lab SpaceInstrument / Equipment
Research Labs: 500 m2Bruker NMR (400 MHz)
Kilogram Labs: 1,000 m2GC   HPLC   LC/MS
Analytical Labs: 300 m2Karl-Fischer

Channelpharm Manufacture, Dongying, Shandong

Plant: 16,667 m2Reactors:  1000 to 3000L
Analytical Center: 1,000 m2Hydrogenators:  up to 300 psi
Warehouse: 2,000 m2Temperature Range:  -80 ℃ to 200 ℃

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